Dr. Phil,

Thanks…….! I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am for all that you did to put me back into competitive shape. Last weekend I played in a Pro-Am Handball Tournament at the DAC, and this week I am participating in the Commmissioner’s Handball Tournament, and have reached the semi-finals. My golf game, tennis game, handball game, and overall physical fitness has never been better! My hip is working so well, my range of motion has actually increased, digging out shots on the handball court I couldn’t have imagined doing in the prior five years. The knee you also fixed is totally pain free, and has strenghtened beyond my best expectations.

I am as fit now as I was ten years ago, doing everything I love to do. It’s rather amazing, my peers in handball, golf, tennis, and sailing are somewhat in awe when I tell them I am playing with an artificial hip.

I am so very appreciative to be back doing what I love to do, without pain, and with a renewed sense of confidence that really makes it all worthwhile, meaningful, and enjoyable. You are not just a physician, you are a magician.

God Bless and Thank You!